The First Few Days

Day 0

The day my Soylent arrived, I picked it up after work from the post office. Eager to try it, I opened the box and decided that would be dinner.

I followed the instructions and filled up the complimentary pitcher halfway with water, added what seems to me like a small amount of powder from the pouch for a full day’s nutrition, and shook vigorously for 30 seconds. Then I added the rest of the water, and was quite pleased with how quick and easy it was to prep meals for a full day.

I got out my measuring cup, and poured 500 ml, what’s supposed to be 500 calories. Added the ice like it recommends if you don’t give it a couple of hours to refrigerate first, and sipped on what was likely my first “nutritionally complete” meal in months.

And it tasted like pancake batter.

I stirred in the ice cubes a bit more, and it began to taste more neutral, and the texture got a little better. I downed the whole thing and ran off to play softball. I felt surprisingly satiated, and the feeling didn’t wear off, even 5 hours later after the match. No spike, no crash.

I left the rest of it in the fridge to see what it would be like in the morning.

Day 1

Soylent and coffee for breakfast. After spending the night in the fridge, the beverage developed an almost creamy texture, and has a very slight hint of sweetness, but is otherwise very neutral. It’s not offensive, it’s actually alright. I can see how by adding a few things to it could really taste like anything you wanted. But I don’t have a blender at the moment, so I won’t be doing that right away.

I was annoyed that I was hungry again around mid-morning, but then I realized it had been 4 hours since I’d eaten, so that’s probably normal.

I became drowsy towards mid afternoon, but then realized I’d only had the one coffee early in the morning, whereas I’d normally have had two or three by then. So I had some coffee and finished off my pitcher of Soylent as a sort of late lunch. By that point, I was already starting to crave “real food”. Rather than repeat the experience of warm soylent, I decided to grab some Chinese food for dinner and make a fresh pitcher for the next day.

Day 2

I slept for less than 5 hours, but strangely enough my fitbit shows I was only restless for 10 minutes of them, as opposed to my usual 30-90 minutes in a night.

I decided I felt like chewing something for breakfast, so I opted for a BLT bagel and coffee (with a shot of espresso to make up for the lack of sleep!) for breakfast. It might have been completely in my head (or the McD’s staff had fresher ingredients than usual), but the flavours seemed richer and fuller than normal. Still a bit hungry after the bagel, I added some Soylent to the mix.

I was wired and more energetic than normal, which was good since my job kept me away from my desk all morning. By lunch, I was actually craving the creamy texture of Soylent. That was not something I expected. A big cup of that and a surprisingly unsatisfying doughnut later (dang people bringing unhealthy appeasements to the office!) I was off to finish some paperwork that I hadn’t had a chance to get at in the morning.

Everybody at work was curious about the stuff, so I let them all try a bit while I finished off the rest as dinner and explained it to them.

After being home for a while, I grabbed a few mixed nuts as a snack. Normally when I eat food, there’s a sense of urgency because I feel famished. But it was different today. I only felt a bit peckish. I can honestly say I appreciated each one’s unique flavour; something that I can’t remember ever doing before. The almond, with a lighter body and a bit of a woody taste, the pistachio with sweet and almost tanginess, the smooth textured sweetness of the cashew, and the complete disintegration and bitterness of the pecan.

Observation So Far

Already, after just 2 days, I’ve experienced something I didn’t expect. I appreciate the flavours and textures of “real food” more. I don’t feel the need to scarf it down to satisfy hunger. I like the idea of one meal a day being regular food, I might try that for lunch tomorrow.


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