What’s This Soylent Thing, Anyways?

Soylent is an idea I’ve been following since Rob Reinhart’s post in early 2013 on his blog Mostly Harmless. The quick summary is that he was annoyed that so much of his time and energy had to be devoted to planning, preparing, and eating, followed by cleaning up. Easy foods were expensive, unhealthy or both, and healthy foods were time consuming, pricey, or both. That really resonated with me.

The computer scientist decided to make himself a food that could replace all the forgettable meals we eat just to survive and be nutritionally complete, easy, fast, sustainable, and cheap. Like everybody else in the world he does actually *like* the experience of eating, with all the variety of flavours and textures and the social components that go along with it. But the majority of meals have nothing to do with that, especially for a busy, career-oriented person. Enter Soylent.

Over the past couple of years, Mr Reinhart developed the food and tested it on himself. He made a couple of mistakes along the way and adjusted it. His blog got many people interested in the idea, and he eventually kickstarted it into a product and business.

A short while ago, they began shipping Soylent (now version 1.5) to Canada. I decided I had to try it. A one time purchase of a week’s worth of Soylent ran US$85 including shipping, with the crappy exchange rate working out to just under CA$110. There’s discounts for buying more, or getting a monthly subscription, but I wanted to test it before committing. Still, $15 a day for food is much less than my current consumption.

This blog is where I intend to catalog my experience.


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